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The car used for this guide is a VW GOLF 5 [MK5, V] GT (1.4L TSI Engine – 170bhp).
Follow these simple steps in order to replace your engine’s Air Filter:

VW GOLF 5 GT (1.4L TSI Engine – 170bhp).

1 The actual Air Filter is hidden inside the marked area.

2 Unscrew these 8 non removable bolts. Just unscrew these bolts and lift them up, don’t try to remove them completely.

3 Lift the top plastic cover in order reveal the Air Filter.

4 Remove the old Air Filter (Lift it up pull it outside the plastic holder).

5 See the difference between the NEW and the OLD Air Filters.

6 Install the new filter in the correct position where the old filter was removed.

7 Put the top plastic cover in its original place and screw the bolts back.

Enjoy your work.

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