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The car used for this guide is a VW GOLF 5 [MK5, V] GT (1.4L TSI Engine – 170bhp).
Follow these simple steps in order to remove the Rear Seats (Bench seat):

VW GOLF 5 GT (1.4L TSI Engine – 170bhp).

1 Remove the four child seat ISOFIX hooks from the bench seat. In order to remove them, push in and then rotate them up and out.

2 Open the boot & fold down the seats.

3 Pull the carpet in order to reveal the plastic trim which is located between the two sections of the bench seat.

4 To remove it use both your hands and pull it from the sides towards you.

5 Unscrew the T30 torx bolt in order to remove the small metal clamp with keeps the backrest in place.

6 Then grab the single seat backrest and lift it out of the bearing.

7 Then you have to unbolt (40Nm) and remove the two seat belts which keep the double seat backrest and the bottom part of the bench seat in place. You will need a M10 triple square bit or socket driver.
Then grab the double seat back rest and lift it out of the bearing.

8 Finally remove the front part of the bench seat by pulling the seat upwards and then by pushing the seat to the back in order to unclip from the bottom of the car. (Use some force to do it).

Enjoy your work.

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